Vases in interiors

A standard vase can give to any room a unique flavor and beauty. Vases in an interior have two functions: practicality and aesthetics. In the modern design of an interior vase have become a full part of the decor and an important emphasis.



There are two main types of vases:

–  Floor vases. The height of this vase is about 40 cm; floor vases used as an independent decorative element, especially if they differ complex, intricate form or if they have an original pattern on the surface. Monochromatic floor vase can be used for flowers; it is possible to put in it a song from the dried flowers, branches, grasses and twigs, artificial or real plants.

Tabletop vase. This vase has the height of less than 40 centimeters; this kind of vases placed on the shelves, tables, drawers, windowsills. The form of the tabletop vase is very important.




Vases in an interior have the following functions:

  • The vase creates a festive mood. It is enough to fill it of flowers and a holiday atmosphere will fill any room.
  • Vases can make a space of a room full. Vases can help to decorate corners, niches, shelves, countertops.
  • Vases help to create the style in a room. The variety of vases allows choosing a vase that is appropriate to the style of any room. Exotic wood vases can perfectly complement interiors in the ethnic style; original metal and plastic vases would look great in the high-tech style; for classic interiors suitable ceramic, crystal, porcelain and other kinds of vases.
  • Vases can make the changeable accents in an interior. Such interchangeable accessories like cushions, vases, picture frames, carpets can within minutes bring the bright colors in any interior.
  • Of the vases can be make different compositions. An interesting design solution is to combine vases in groups in such a way that they can be combined with each other and to complement with their help an interior. For example, it is possible to put a few vases, different of shape and size, but which have made in the same color and design solutions; Or, on the contrary, to group several similar vases but of different colors.